Mauritius Information & Technology Industry Association

Newsletter No. 3 – September 2017

EDITORIAL - Farewell to a unique woman: Stephanie Hölzl

"21st July 2017 was a dark day for me, for Tylers and everyone who knew Stephanie who was affectionately known as Stephy. I have known Stephy for almost 10 years and we have co-founded Tylers together in the year 2010. It has been a hard and long journey and without the undying support and will to go through till the end of Stephy, Tylers would not have reached where it is today.

Stephy was passionate about technology, bikes and the sea. Everyone who knew her remember her as a lady full of life and always with a smile on her face. It was hard when I had to see her lifeless body at the morgue along with her parents who just landed in Mauritius from a long flight from Germany. It was even harder for me to come back to Tylers’ Office where everything reminds me of her."


"The funeral that was arranged for her where her bikers friends escorted the “Cobillard” with their Harley Davidson will stay forever embedded in my memories and those present that day. She had a way of making everything memorable, apparently even her death.

The song “Highway to Hell” played during the funeral procession might not sound a good choice but it was her choice. I still remember the day she told me that if ever she dies she would love to have this song played for her. It took a lot of convincing to have it played but I am eternally glad that this wish of hers has been made possible."

"The picture of “Le Morne” which is known worldwide and where she drowned constantly reminds me of her."

In the end, I realized that the only way I can move on and make my peace with what has happened is to see only the positive side of things. Stephy was full of life and was always a happy person. She died doing one of her favorite activities at sea and in a spot which she loved most. If afterlife exits, I can imagine she is happy and has no regrets on what she has achieved on earth and would wish us to keep only good memories of her. Finally, she would wish Tylers (which she considers as her baby) to continue. I will ensure that Tylers continues on its path to success and that her legacy stays alive. I would like to thank you all for your kind words and support and I am grateful to see that she was so loved by everyone who knew her.

May her soul rest in peace."

Hers Eternally,
Pravesh Gaonjur

Dev Sunnasy (President of MITIA)

“When we had our first executive meeting in January 2015, after my nomination as new MITIA President, I started to know Stephanie. She dedicated herself as Team Lead of the Training and Resources committee for the past 2 1/2 years. She worked really hard to finalise with HRDC in setting up trainings as GTES and NSDP programmes. In parallel, since 2017, Steph and I were working on other projects. A programme to help local artists and another one, more personal.

Thanks for your support Steph."
Dev Sunnasy

Kem Mohee

"I have known Stephanie as a person who was always very positive and very helpful. She was all the time full of life. I was always fascinated by her energy to participate and make her point during the numerous discussions we had at MITIA."

Peter Neubert

"Stephanie was very courageous and seemed never to say no to a challenge nor to lose hope in her purpose. She was always in a good mood and always ready to help where she felt she could add value - and always, always with a smile. She will be missed."

Tylers, a company specializing in Information Security, was co-founded by Stephanie Holzl and Pravesh Gaonjur in 2010. Tylers has 3 departments namely Development, Infrastructure & Security and Training. Each department has specific services with a high focus on Information Security.

Software Development

- .NET
- SharePoint
- Windows Mobile Applications
- Azure

Infrastructure & Security:

- Penetration Test
- IT Security Auditt
- Digital Forensics
- Office365

Software Development

- EC-Council (CEH, CHFI, ECSA)
- Microsoft (MCSA, MCSE, Office365, Azure)

Tylers aspire to become a leader in Information Security in the region and to provide high quality services in cutting edge technologies.
Tylers has been awarded best Training Center in Africa by EC-Council. Till date Tylers is the only training center in Mauritius to have been awarded this prestigious award.

In 2017, Tylers was being represented in the YALI (Young African Leaders Initiative) program and is actually working actively to expand in the African continent with the help of YALI’s Alumni.

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