Mauritius Information & Technology Industry Association

Newsletter No. 2 - July 2017


The Association has brought together about more than 40 members in the directory. With the view of increasing the pool of members the Marketing team is coming soon with some activities which will be very useful in promoting the association while enhancing the participation of all the members. Innovative ideas are most welcome from members.


MITIA aimed to convince the government for implementing a promotional agency in the ICT sector similar to the MTPA. At our end, we communicated to government the extreme necessity to increase our footprint in Africa. MITIA is satisfied of the proposed BIPA – Business & Investment Platform for Africa, which was announced during the last budget. We now have to wait for the implementation plan and how together, we’ll move forward.


The yearly competition held this year as well went on smoothly where the activities were very well organized and got a push by the sponsorings as well. We would like to take opportunity to thank the Ministry of TCI and the National Computer Board in providing their usual support in making this event a successful one.

BUDGET 2017 - 2018

The last budget was quite timid concerning the ICT sector. Nonetheless when we look at the PSIP there are several projects highlighted under different ministries, but the value of projects are quite low to boost the ICT sector. There’s around 250 IT companies focused on the local market. We should look at new ways to support the economic growth through digital services. Members interested to discuss on same are invited to contact the president.

Memorandum of Understanding

MITIA has entered a memorandum of understanding with the ‘ICT network of Serbia. The association is pleased to share a good relationship the Serbia which could be beneficial for both parties as they have mutually agreed to share the same objective of promoting the ICT. Serbian resources are cost-effective and reliable. Those who wish to discuss and hire engineers are invited to contact Dev Sunnasy.

Link to copy of agreement


A first meeting for the National export strategy was recently held and chaired by the steering committee on the subject of Sub Sector on Software Development and Innovation. Kem Mohee, our VP, participated in the meeting.

Link to NES - Software Development

MC3 as Cloud service provider

MC3 has been appointed Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP) Indirect Provider for West East & Central Africa (WECA), including Indian Ocean Islands and of course, Mauritius. CSP is a new sales model offered by Microsoft allowing partners to deliver Software as a Service (SaaS), allowing clients to provision software and associated services as their needs evolve. Along with Office 365 and Azure subscriptions, CSP offers a wide range of Dynamics 365 and Exchange Online solutions for corporate, Government and academic institutions, available on monthly subscription basis. For a better partner experience, MC3 will soon provide a customisable online marketplace where partners will be fully autonomous in handling themselves their clients’ subscriptions. The project encompasses the progressive availability of additional software subscriptions (Bitdefender), and add-on partner services such as mailbox migration, Azure, CRM and Power BI related services. MC3 expects CSP offerings to progressively replace traditional volume licencing and perpetual licences.

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