Mauritius Information & Technology Industry Association

Newsletter No. 1 - May 2017


I have the pleasure to introduce MITIA’s First newsletter. Since its creation in 2001, MITIA has continuously evolved and the last 16 years has encompassed several strategic changes in respect of improving the services of the association towards its members. It is also with gratitude that we would like to thank all our members for their unfailing support to drive this association which has reached a higher level today and ensure them that the association wishes to provide better services, now with a secretariat. We recently sent some surveys in order to update the members database and to better market the association within and outside Mauritius. This first newsletter is sent internally to members, and in a near future it will also be sent to external stakeholders as government officials, customers and other associations within the Africa region. We will also open a ‘Latest News Corner’ where any member could communicate a new product /service, an innovative solution or a great project / case study you may wish to promote. Please contact to send your updated company information, logo, suggestions and proposals. I invite you to forward the newsletter to all your staffs and employees and together, start building the MITIA community.


To reach all members through this newsletter, MITIA’s Executive Team has decided to put at the services of our members a permanent communiqué and to align with the service standards based on the associations constitutions. It is our top priority to ensure that our members are aware of all the ongoing activities driven by MITIA or new events to come. This newsletter will help the association remain closer with our members and to inform about important information. With the thought of members whose agendas are often over booked and get hardly time to participate in activities hosted by the association, this newsletter will help them be more informative about what is happening at the heart of the Association. At a first stage this newsletter will be issued every two months until a review of the distribution time is reviewed.

AGM 2017 – Annual General Meeting

It is with great enthusiasm that our AGM was held at Flying Dodo, Bagatelle on the 17th March of this year. With the participation of the majority of our members, approximately 30 company’s representatives committed to the association’s effort were present. Discussions based on the agenda for several were highly welcomed and agreed where needed.

The AGM ended with a cocktail and Business get-together around 6.30 PM.  This yearly meeting resulted in voting for new projects and closure of last year’s budget.  

Brain storming Sessions – MITIA 2020

The objective of this approach is to develop an action plan to support and accelerate the development of MITIA member companies and the ICT sector in general. At the end of the Brainstorming held on 20 January, we produced a synthesis of the actions to be carried out, in the form of Fishbone: Six workshops have been set up to cover all the expectations of MITIA members. These workshops are organised as follows:.

We welcome our members to participate in the un-filled sessions. Following the preparation of the Roadmap MITIA 2020, we will present the actions and means that MITIA will implement for the next three years.


MITIA president signed an agreement on 12th of March with the Ghana Association of Software and IT Services Companies (GASSCOM). This agreement allows for sharing of experience, markets and customers, development of broadband, clustering and manpower development among others.

Link to copy of agreement

National Export Strategy – NES : Software Development

MITIA team worked hard with other stakeholders in several meetings in 2016. Enterprise Mauritius had hired the services of ITC, International Trade Centre, a United Nations division. Our proposals to develop the Mauritian software industry was well received and the strategy presented was accepted almost in toto. The Prime Minister launched the NES on 31st March 2017.

Link to NES - Software Development

ICT Academy

MITIA has a board seat on the new coming ICT Academy. Stephanie Hölzl is MITIA board member in this institution.

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